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Hospital Corridor

About UHP

UH Partners (UHP) is your PA and NP staffing experts. We lead the way nationally both as a staffing and recruitment firm.

Your PA and NP Staffing Experts

 UHP has the experience, resources and scale needed to efficiently match Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) with top healthcare facilities and practices across the United States in a wide variety of specialties.


We are based in Dallas and have served medical facilities nationwide for nearly two decades.

Why do medical facilities choose UHP to meet their staffing needs?

We provide the highest quality service at below market fees.  How? We are fanatical at keeping our overhead costs low and pass those cost savings onto our clients. Even before COVID, our staff worked remotely and leveraged IT technology to keep our costs low.


Simple, transparent fee structures with no additional fees for “extras” like nights, weekends, overnights, etc. Zero recruiting fees for our staffed positions.  

We recruit, onboard, train, retain and when necessary, terminate, at no cost to our clients.

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UH Partners provides a complete strategy

Health care facilities face unique challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified employees for their support staff within the demanding surgical suites, and those non-surgical specialties with high supply and demand issues. Experienced PAs and NPs assist you in maintaining the entire continuum of care and thus are critical to your success.

Locating the right employee will frequently require facilities to initiate a regional or national search resulting in extensive costs. Considerations such as credentialing, licensing, and on-boarding can present problems that cost time and money for organizations trying to stay competitive.

UH Partners’ comprehensive strategy of extreme low overhead and 24x7 service results in successful outcomes for our clients, whether the need is for permanent placement employees, or long-term staffing solutions. We accomplish this without extensive costs or tedious processes.

We will work with your organization to choose which option best suits your unique goals and needs.

Our Leadership


Kevin Foreman



Shane Sharp




Steve Blair

EVP and Benefits Director


Edward Wilson 

VP, Research and Procurement


Natalie Wilson

EVP, Talent Acquisition

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Irma Trevino

VP, Administration

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Brandon Diver

VP, Sales


Giving Back


At UH Partners, we believe it is our responsibility to partner with our local communities, giving back! Whether it is assisting by making donations or through sponsorships or by lending our time; it’s critical we use our resources to aid, wherever it’s needed.


We are grateful to our clients and staff for supporting these initiatives.

UH Partners Mustangs

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